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All of our therapists at Cultura Wellness Therapy see their clients at our office, located at 2230 W Chapman Ave, Suite 216, Orange, CA 92868, or virtually via Zoom.

As a mother, wife, and working professional, I understand the struggle of trying to balance and do it all. The sleepless nights, the guilt, and the uncertainty of it all. I know it feels like you lost your identity as that high achieving professional. I am here to tell you, she is still there. It's okay to feel lost or even resentful. Here is a little secret, IT'S NORMAL! I am here to listen and support you as you get to know YOU again. 

In therapy my approach is to look at you as a person within a larger system, that consists of your family and society. I am EMDR and Trauma-Informed Trained. I use various modalities depending on your needs, such as CBT, Psychodynamic, and Narrative therapy to name a few. 

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Are you in a place in your life where you thought life would be a little quieter, perhaps easier because your children are now grown? However, the opposite is happening and you find yourself confused, irritable, and perhaps (dare I say) depressed? You think to yourself, “I should be happy so what is happening, why do I feel all over the place?!”. I know I felt this way as I entered my late 40s. I am here to tell you, you are not crazy and it’s normal to feel like you don’t recognize the old you. As women we go through many transitions, often tied to biological changes in our bodies. We may be unaware the reason we are feeling depressed, anxious, or not wanting to be touched is tied to hormonal changes, especially for those who are at the cusp of menopause or in menopause. We don’t talk enough about the psychological aspects of entering into premenopause/menopause. Let me support you and guide you as you transition into this new stage in life. You don’t have to go through it alone!

Dr. Patricia is a first-gen, bilingual therapist, specializing in helping women navigate the psychological changes associated with pre-menopause/menopause, life transitions related to having an empty nest, and changes that naturally happen with age. She approaches therapy through a holistic and decolonized lens. She is trained in EMDR and Trauma Informed Care.

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Mayra J. Mendez, ASW, PPSC, a first-generation bilingual Associate Social Worker dedicated to guiding individuals on a path to holistic well-being. With expertise in Trauma-Informed Therapy, developmental disorders, and mental health issues, Mayra specializes in working with adults and adolescents aged 16 and above. She integrates Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Narrative Therapy, and solution-focused techniques to empower clients in their personal growth and recovery, addressing generational issues, trauma contributing to anxiety and depression, and providing stress management support.

Currently accepting new clients, Mayra invites individuals seeking a safe and supportive environment to explore their thoughts and emotions to connect with her for compassionate and personalized care. Take a step towards positive change and self-discovery by scheduling an appointment with Mayra J. Mendez today.

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