Being a Mother in a High Executive Position

executive mothers working moms Jun 15, 2022

There's a common assumption that being a woman and an executive isn't easy. More so, when one is also a mother. But being in an executive position is tough for anyone. Learning to manage a demanding career while being a mother comes with its own unique set of challenges. 

There are days when you feel like you're doing everything right, and there are days when you feel like you're doing everything wrong. And then there are days when it feels like every decision you make is wrong — even if it really isn't! The good news is that you are not alone, and there are many other mothers who have been in your shoes before and will be again after.

While the rewards are great, it can be challenging to balance work and family, especially if you're working long hours or traveling for business. In this article, we're going to discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to balancing work with family responsibility!

The good

  • You can work from home and still be present for your children.
  • You can set your own schedule so that it suits you and your family's needs.
  • You have more free time than non-executive mothers because you don't have to go to work every day.
  • You are able to balance your career with your family life in a way that other women might not be able to.
  • You have the opportunity to make a real difference in the world. Your job can help improve people's lives, and you can have an impact on issues that matter most to you.
  • You have great flexibility in your schedule. You can work from home or from another location as long as you have access to technology such as email and video conferencing software.
  • You get paid well—especially if you're at the top of your field!

The bad things about being an executive mother include:\

  • The constant juggling act between work and home life can be stressful on both parties. This can cause tension and anxiety in both parents which can negatively affect the children as well.
  • There are less opportunities for advancement because most companies have a bias towards mothers. This further perpetuates gender inequality within society which hurts everyone including those who are directly affected by it such as women themselves but also indirectly through their children as well who may grow up feeling
  • Sometimes it's hard to find balance between work and home life. When everything is going smoothly, it feels great. But when there are issues at home or at work, it can be difficult to find solutions that satisfy everyone involved—and that's not always easy when you're being asked to make decisions based on data rather than emotion.
  • Your job can take over your life if you let it happen! It's important to set boundaries between work and home life so that everything stays balanced and healthy (for both yourself and your family). Working long hours may mean less time with family members during prime times like evenings after school or weekends when they're not in school anymore; however, if this isn't something that

The Ugly

The ugly part of being a mother in a high executive position is when people assume that just because someone has children doesn't mean they can't do their job well or do it effectively. There are plenty of good mothers out there who are also great at their jobs—you just have to find them!

  • There’s guilt that comes from not being able to spend as much time with your kids as you'd like. It’s easy to feel like you’re letting down your family by not being there for them enough — especially when it comes to things like doctor appointments, school events, or field trips that happen during normal working hours (when most parents would take time off work).

Is this the normal now?

The new normal is that you can be a mother and an executive. The new normal is that you can be a mother and an executive AND a wife/partner AND do whatever else you want in life—it's all possible! 

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